Stage 2 Paint Correction
  • PRICE: FROM £800

Our Paint Correction Stage 2 service at Roman’s Detailing Co. offers advanced paint refinement and restoration for your vehicle. We begin with a thorough assessment to identify imperfections like swirl marks and scratches, followed by precision correction using specialized techniques and equipment. This process enhances depth and clarity, achieving a mirror-like finish across the entire paint surface. We then apply premium sealants or ceramic coatings for lasting protection. Experience dramatic improvement and long-lasting results with our tailored Stage 2 service.

It Helps with:

  • More Detailed Paintwork scratches are removed
  • More Detailed Removal of Paintwork Holograms
  • Get rid of any paint flaws

The Service Includes:

  • Full Service Detail
  •  Interior Deep Clean
  •  70-90% Paint Correction


4-5 Days

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